Toast Etiquette – A Detailed, Yet Manageable Science

Say for example you already know what you want to convey and how you wish to state it. You have a few humorous stories sprinkled in that will entertain the audience while not awkward the bride or groom.

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And you’ve got that perfect last line — the consummate end to your three second toast — that will bring applause when you finish raising your glass. I, however, say there is still much to understand. Your last big hurdle?Becoming accustomed with toast etiquette.To start looking for what you will have to do, consider finding out where and if you will be giving your very best man or maid of honor toast. Can it be at the rehearsal dinner? And if so, where’s your rehearsal dinner located? If the dinner is going to be kept at a less formal setting facing just some family and a couple of friends, then you are able to a slightly less formal speech — and vice versa. Say you are told you will be giving your toast at the wedding reception, just after the first dance but before dinner (when everyone is still there). Oh, and also the reception is being held in the ballroom at the local country club or 4-star resort. Hearing this would allow me to prepare a far more formal toast than if I had been delivering the address in the former scenario. All in all, it’s essential that you”know” your audience. Know whom you’ll be speaking to throughout the big moment and plan accordingly.For help with the rest of toasting etiquette, go to [] – There you’ll see a list of sites (and other information) that offer the best information on the internet in regards to planning and subsequently delivering the perfect wedding toast.

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